Babies Learning

It is so fascinating watching the twins learn. They were pretty much developing at the same rate with Baby A a couple days ahead of Baby B. Then Baby A got sick with one thing after another for about three months and he fell a bit behind. He’s pretty much caught up to Baby B now.

They are both fascinated by sunbeams lighting up the floor through a window. They play with the shadows and move their bodies to see what it does with the light. They touch the light and the dark next to it to see if it feels different.

They are learning that they can make different sounds depending on what they hit and whether they use their hands or some toy or other object. They are delighted when they can repeat a simple pattern we tap out for them.

They are learning all about cause and effect. Pushing on a ball means it rolls away from them. Shaking some toys makes them make noise, but shaking others doesn’t do anything. They can push on a toy vehicle and it moves easily, but pushing on a block gives some resistance.

They have discovered object permanence. Peek-a-Boo is hilarious because they know we are there the whole time, even when their eyes are covered. Dropping something over the side of their high chairs is exciting because even if they wait a little while when they look it’ll be there on the floor next to them (unless it’s food in which case Lola will likely have eaten it up already).

There’s just so much learning going on in our house these days. Having two 9-month-olds is pretty great!

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