Second Middle Names

We are giving The Six second middle names when we adopt them. This is not without precedent in our family. Fritz is Frederick David Harold because Jamie’s dad (first name Harold) died while I was pregnant with Fritz. So The Six will have two middle names like their big brother.

E’s will be Ezekiel. This is because my dad had a hard time remembering his actual name when we first had them over and kept calling him Ezekiel. And with his amazing hair, I kind of imagine the prophet Ezekiel looking a bit like my boy.

M’s will be Kerry. I was in the temple one day before we even got the twins and the person I had was a distant aunt or cousin or something. Carrie. She tried to convince me I must name a child after her. Eventually we agreed that if I was ever able to name a little girl, I would name her Kerry, but spell it that way because Jamie’s mom lives on the border of counties Limerick and Kerry and my best friend in elementary school was named Kerry.

A’s will be John. My uncle was named John Ralph (he went by Ralph). Ani was working in the temple once and, well, Uncle Ralph wanted A specifically to be named after him.

N’s will be Alexander. When I was pregnant with Adrian I narrowed his name options to Adrian, Alexander, and Christopher and let Ani pick. So now I get to use Alexander after all.

Baby A’s will be Christopher. So I get to use that one, too.

Baby B’s will be Malachi. It just seemed fitting for the youngest of ten to have that name. Also, when my best friend was here at Christmas she kept joking that we needed to name a kid after her. We’re not doing that, but Malachi is a name she always wanted to give a child AND she and Baby B super bonded so in a way we are naming a kid after her.

In a bizarre twist, Cameron shares a middle name with one of The Six (also Jamie’s middle name), another has Jamie’s first name as his middle name, and another shares a first middle name with Fritz (which is also my brother’s name).

We are also strongly considering adding a second middle name for Ani and Adrian (Cameron does not want to). We don’t know what we’ll pick for Adrian, but Ani’s will likely be Michelle after my sister.

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