Still Making Us Laugh Sometimes

Adrian saw the pediatrician for an ADHD med check last week. As soon as we got in the exam room he heaved himself up on the exam table (proclaiming that he really likes laying on the “check-up table”). He then passed the time waiting for the provider by singing the Doc McStuffins theme song (can you tell he has little siblings?).

After she listened to his heart and lungs he asked if he could listen, too. She seemed a little surprised someone his age would request to do that and quite amused at how much pleasure it gave him to listen to his own heart and lungs. She then asked if he wanted a sticker. He started to say no, but then he said that yes, he really would like one so she brought him an Aladdin one and a Lion King one (which he immediately stuck to his shirt – it fell off at some point during school so he came home wearing the Aladdin one).

She told him you only get to be a kid once so keep being a kid as long as he can. And keep making us laugh. It’s always good to make people laugh.

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