I Went on a Cruise, Part 2

Sunday morning we woke up to towel animals all over the Beach Pool area. Mommie and I had such a fun time checking them all out.

We had a lovely little Relief Society discussion in the games side of the library. It was a very nice discussion using the Conference talk we would’ve been discussing had we been at church.

Then we went and watched a young man from Alaska carve a 300 pound block of ice into a swan. Absolutely amazing.

Even though it was overcast and the water was a bit choppy, our view at lunch was still just as stunning as always.

I made sure to get one last root beer float in Sunday afternoon. There’s nothing like vanilla ice cream and root beer.

After dinner Sunday night the waiters and waitresses sang us a good-bye song and then we all danced the Macarena and Funky Chicken together. The first two nights dinner was iffy for me. They had a bit of trouble getting the whole gluten free thing figured out in the dining room for some reason. Other people were very unimpressed by the food and by the third night a lot of people were just eating at the buffet instead. They missed out, though, because the third and fourth night dinner was incredible. My waiter started calling me “My Heather” and the food was delicious (including Mommie’s ox tongue and frog legs… appetizers can be a bit adventurous aboard the Carnival Breeze).

We woke up nearly back to Galveston. Mommie and I went out on the very cold and windy deck and watched the sun come up. I even got to video chat with my little ones before they headed to school.

We had to be out of our staterooms by 8:30am. By then some people were already debarking since we docked a little bit early. By 10 our group was called and we were headed down to have our sign & sail cards scanned one last time, go through passport control and customs, and then out into the world once again.

Of course it was still a four-hour ride home and pretty much all the ladies in our group stopped to pee and get some food at Buc-ee’s in Katy. We all looked a little overwhelmed at all the colors and choices and having to pay for what we picked up again. The whole long weekend was a truly magical experience. One I wouldn’t mind repeating some time!

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