Solving His Own Problems

One day Anthony, for reasons known only to him and probably not even known to him, dumped the last dozen (dry) Cheerios on the floor and went to get more. I told him he could not have anymore until he cleaned up what he put on the floor.

I figured he’d pick them up using his hands but he definitely didn’t want to do that. I told him if he got more I’d take it until he had cleaned those up. So he had a dilemma. He had to clean them up but he did not want to clean them up.

He thought about what to do and ended up going to the pantry and getting out the broom and dustpan and swept up his Cheerios. He was very pleased that he came up with a solution that made it a little fun to clean up his spilled Cheerios.

He never did end up getting more Cheerios. He, being a big fan of Dino Ranch and Gigantosaurus, turned the broom into a dinosaur and rode it around the house for a while instead.

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